My Story

Fitvolution Shaper was born in 2019 when founder Nancy Diaz began selling waist trainers to her friends at her Atlanta gym. Quickly word spread about her products and personal guidance and she began selling her waist trainers through word of mouth referrals, retail and her website. But her journey started well before then as Nancy has always been consumed with health, wellness and fitness. Nancy has continually sought the top fitness trends techniques and accessories and in this process learned the many benefits of waist trainers (fajas).

In America Nancy learned that few people knew the benefits of waist trainers and those that did often used cheap, low quality waist trainers that simply don’t work. Through her connections in Colombia Nancy sells the highest quality Colombian waist trainers that produce the best results in the United States.

If waist trainers are new to you or you are using a cheap knock-off Nancy welcomes the opportunity to guide you through the process of finding the right waist trainer for you. Everyone is different with a different body type and fitness goals and there isn’t a one size fits all waist trainer. Just as she did when she first started selling to her friends at her gym, she guarantees that you’ll be happy with her waist trainers just like the thousands of happy customers she has already helped!